Marie-Anne Izmajlov

Mezzo-soprano │ Actress │ Coach


  • Concert singer and actress
  • Over 20 years of international stage career
  • Classical / Crossover / Musical / Songs
  • National TV and business events host
  • Singing, breathing & public speaking coach
  • Author

Singer: One of the most renowned Slovenian singers Marie-Anne Izmajlov (known at home as Manca Izmajlova) started performing in her teenage years. She trained in London and in Moscow. Today, her 22-year professional career lists over 1000 performances all over the world. Among them - highest state and diplomatic events. She sings her extended repertoire in 24 languages.

Host: She was co-creating and presenting her own Saturday evening show on National TV, featuring live big band orchestra, and has hosted various important events; such as Slovene Diplomatic Concert.

Coach: She is a singing, public speaking and breathing coach, and has developed a method that she teaches at workshops for companies, interest groups and individuals. Her health & lifestyle book „Breathe in Life With Full Lungs“ (2020) is a bestseller in Slovenia.

Marie-Anne Izmajlov

Antonin Dvořák: Songs My Mother Taught Me

Live in concert


"THOSE WERE THE DAYS" (Дорогой длинною)

"Los Pájaros Perdidos" by Astor Piazzolla

"The Way We Were"

Latest album

The Russian Collection, 2019

  • 14 Songs
  • All new orchestrations
  • Recorded on a vintage mic (1950)
The Russian Collection - Marie-Anne Izmajlov

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